'Round the Table' Family Catechesis

Liturgical Calendar (7)

SUBJECT: Liturgical Calendar 


  • The Church uses colours to distinguish between the liturgical seasons such as preparation time, feast time, and ordinary time


  • To familiarize the children with the colours used in the liturgical year.
  • To introduce the concept of church seasons as they pertain to feasts


  • Laminated Liturgical Calendar ( It can be made to a puzzle)
  • Calendars to colour


The Liturgical Calendar tells us about the church year. Like the earth that circles around the sun, we can see how time – days and weeks – circle around Jesus, His birth and resurrection. Each block represents one Sunday (week) in the year.
White colour is for CELEBRATION, feasts of Christmas and Easter.
The season of Christmas continues for three more Sundays after Jesus’ birth.
Easter also is not just one day. It continues for 7 more weeks until the Pentecost. Pentecost is the feast day when we celebrate the Holy Spirit (Red).
Purple colour represents PREPARATION.
Advent is a four weeks period of preparation for Christmas. The Liturgical Year begins with Advent.
Lent is a six weeks period of preparation for Easter.

Green colour represents Ordinary Time. The time between Pentecost and Advent and between Christmas and Lent is called Ordinary Time.

Liturgical Calendar