Pilgrimage to Rome

Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that pilgrimage as an expression of piety should prepare us to receive grace and dispose us to cooperate with it, but it should derive from sacred liturgy and lead us to it, since liturgy is far superior to any other expression of devotion (CCC 1670, 1675).

For that purpose, first Christians made pilgrimages to Rome, the resting place of St Peter and St Paul. Nearly 2000 years later Rome has so much more to offer to Catholics. 
Huge amount of knowledge that we usually attain in short period of time while in Rome makes us tired, numb and unable to pray.  

What is the purpose of your next trip to Rome? 

We SEE what we KNOW. To make your trip to Rome a pilgrimage and to experience there with the receptive senses the INVISIBLE reality behind the visible reality, join our live online preparation sessions that include elements of Catechesis, History of Christianity, History of Art for the purpose to pray with religious images from different periods of time. 

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